Sex og erotik i et historisk perspektiv

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There has been no doubt that there has been sex and eroticism ever since the dawn of time, otherwise the human race long since extinct.

There is a fundamental and innate operating in almost all people who puberty sets its mutual attraction between a man and a woman.

Historically, most have not had sex before marriage


In our Western world is the norm, however, that there is a legal age of consent of 15 years, and that one first is an adult at age 18. But on average, both the men and women their first erotic and sexual initiation in adolescence ie while they are between 13 and 18 years old. But there is still many who are chaste and waiting to get married before they have their first sexual experiences. They are virgin on their wedding day, and this has over the years been very required, which is not so much in the present. However, it is often still very much frowned upon, particularly in Muslim society where people actually face the death penalty or expulsion from the family if a woman has been sexually active before the wedding. So many parents guardian so their children so that they can maintain their innocence to the meetings the right spouse.



Previously many very ignorant about sex


This may indeed be a great and difficult task in the present due. Pressure from friends and society in general with a focus on sex and eroticism everywhere especially on the Internet, TV and newspapers and magazines. It was certainly something easier in the old days, before there was so much openness about sex, then it was a big taboo before marriage. Many young people actually knew nothing about sex on their wedding day, but they learned it safe quickly. Most people get at least a taste for it. In the old days there was not so much sex before marriage, when society was very judgmental about such things. They separated men and women in schools, there were strict dress code, and you never saw images of sex or of naked people anywhere. Today even the smallest children what it’s all about.


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