Tal med din teenager om sex

It is important to talk to teens about sex, learn more about how to do this in the article


You know that it is part of parental duty to take the talk about the flower and the bee when your child enters adulthood. Maybe it’s just not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do – and it often comes to seem awkward and embarrassing for both parties. Therefore, please take the talk in several steps, so there are no misunderstandings and annoyances from some of you.


What is most important is to find the right time and the right timing. For exclaims instead suddenly that you have something you want to talk about, so it ends up in something useless for you and your teenager. A right timing could be while I together watching a movie or anything else where a love scene or a love couple suddenly appears on the screen. It would certainly be better than a whim at the dinner table. However, be sure ONLY to talk about sexuality and not your teen’s sex life – it will just get your teen to go away and ask you to stay out.


Do not go into details

What else is very important is that you do not treat your teen as if he / she is a child yet. For when the subject is sensitive enough already that sex in this society, so it makes it any easier, that your teen feels looked down upon. Hence, what is also important when the conversation has started is that you / as parents NEVER have to hand yourself by saying how and how your sexforhold works. As the conversation goes first in the wrong direction, as they will not have the photos of you in the head. So keep it at a distance and suggest instead your teenager – if the talk is you too embarrassing – to read in a youth magazine which we Young , who also writes about sex in teenage life.



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