Celebrity afsløringer

Celebrity secrets

They knew, of course, good reason to conceal these scenes for us. But sometimes succeeds a reporter to capture an image, movie or just an interview. I have found some pieces around. To read the full stories, you have to go to their websites to find out more. You google stories on the web.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen scored even some identical twins in San Diego in the United States. She was with them both. She rubbed his butt against the one and the other took her over. She said also that she often had wet dreams about lesbian sex.

costume sex

Will Smith is so fond of his new “Hancock” action hero costume that he takes it when he has to lie in bed with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. Halle Berry wore at a time his film costume from X-Man films, to spice up your sex life up a bit. She says that she is not missing sex.

David Duchovny

X-Files actor David Duchovny was at one time hospitalized for his sexual addiction. He tells of an incident where he cultivated so intense sex with his wife Tea Leoni in a sauna, she fainted. It was early in their relationship and they had taken a weekend to Vancouver. It was there they had sex in the sauna and the wife fainted.

other sexafsløringer

  • Robert Downey Jr. admits he is in a period exclusively only had sex with himself. He was at one time serial masturbator. He really used his body and masturbated the best he could.
  • Kate Beckinsale can not do without his computer and webcam when she is away from his partner. It gives them a good opportunity to grow cybersex when they are not together.
  • Eva Mendes has reportedly stated that she has had sex in all US states.

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