Sex på stranden


I gradually found out that sex can be done in many places. It can be beach, forest, bus, trains, you name it! It amazes me when true that people do not get caught. But it can of course also well be that they are discovered, but they just have not seen it. I do not know if younger , more creative and courageous than older or is it vice versa. But in any case it is possible to have sex in many places regardless of age and gender.

You are allowed to be naked on the beach?

Since the 1970s, it be legal to bathe naked on all public beaches in Denmark, as long as one takes account of other bathers, respecting their limits by keeping the appropriate distance. This means you should not bother anyone and you may not prove to children course or people in an inappropriate manner.

Sex on the beach can be done and then what?

There’s a lot to say about it. There are examples of children and others who have attended these sex shows. Therefore, I always choose a place where there was sure not going children or other going. One can for example buy a small half tent or find a place that is undisturbed. But do not expect people to leave you be. There is also seen examples where a man went to masturbate together with those who had sex. So, sex on the beach is okay, as long as you think you about.

Sex in the open

I have found a website which could be useful for those who want to have sex on the beach or elsewhere in nature. There is good advice to be had, so I may be allowed to have sex outside. Since then, among other things, created with the purpose of helping each other to find good places. There are both videos and short stories you can also cheer you on their side.




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